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Zarlit Foam Manufacturers

Welcome To Zarlit Foam Manufacturers

Supplying a wide range of high quality promotional products to the customer anywhere in the world, we have found that our gifts can benefit any business through the generation of strong brand awareness.

These promotional foam products are manufactured to the highest, uncompromising standards at our facility in Johannesburg where our teams of designers and manufacturers are consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver quality promotional items to aid you and your marketing efforts.

Our promotional products are, pound for pound, the best value for money gifts in the South African industry and can easily compete on a global level.

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Since 1989 Zarlit Foam has been a supplier of the highest quality foam products to a wide variety of clients, both nationally and internationally. We design, manufacture and wholesale all of our own products, having all the necessary skills, in-house, to get any job done, no matter how big or small.


Address :

65, 11th Road Kew, Johannesburg

Phone :

+27 11 786 6465


086 548 7512


Head Office Maps